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Camere Superior
Camere Superior



Q. What does your apartment or suite offer?
A. Our lodgings are equipped by all comforts. They are used as an alternative to a classical stay at a hotel for those who prefer to have more privacy and ample space. Furthermore it's possible to work and entertain guests. An ideal solution for tourists and business people.
Q. What will I find at the lodging?
A. Each apartment is furnished. Bathrooms and bedrooms are provided with linen and sheets. The cleaning comes every day by 1:00pm. You will also find tv with free channels as well as those for payment (all included in the lease cost), coffee makers and other domestic appliances. The apartments are provided with an air conditioner.
Q. How much is a residence or a suite?
A. The prices are linked with the characteristics of each single unit, the number of occupants and the time of year. They are also based on the length of stay, a discount will be applied that contributes towards the final price, which is always intended for the apartment, not the individual.
Q. How is the payment made?
A. You can pay by credit card or debit card at time of booking. The full rate requires a deposit at time of booking. Discounted rates are available which provide for non-refundable payment contextual to the reservation.
Q. How do I reserve?
A. Check availability www.suitemilano.it directly on the site and follow the directions. You can book and pay online in just a few easy steps.
Q. Can I cancel my reservation?
A. Yes, if you selected a full fare. If this happens up to 7 days before check-in will be deducted the amount for the booking fee. If the cancellation is notified less than 7 days prior to arrival will be deducted the full amount.
Q. At what time can I begin occupancy?
A. You can enter residences and suites from 2pm, the day of check-in. Check-out must be made by 11am on the day of departure. Failure to comply with the check out will be charged for an additional night. These services are held by appointment in your suite. Please inform us of your time of arrival and departure.
Q. Can I extend my stay upon arrival?
A. Our suites and residences are in great demand. We ask that you carefully evaluate your intended time of stay, so as not to risk unavailabity.
Q. Can I take my dogs, cats or other animals?
A. Given the particular standing of our suites, we would prefer not to accept pets. Small pets may be allowed only by written permission from House & Media Ltd. Please be aware that in the event of damages to our properties, the customer will be held responsible and charged accordingly. 
Q. Is smoking permitted in the apartment?
A. No! but you can go out on the balcony for your cigarette break.